Rising Phenom in South East Texas

Andrew Thompson is at it again. The owner of http://www.vtmobilepressurewash.com/ is successfully expanding his enterprise to more than one city in the state of Texas. Let’s get into to detail his plan for domination in over twenty-four cities ranging from Houston, to Sugar Land, and even Humble, Texas.

At this current moment in time Andrew has just purchased a gorgeous office space in which he can work out of, and market his business. His drive and ambition are bar none one of the highest I have ever seen, and the man has war paint on his face from the time he wakes up to the time that he goes to sleep. His ambition serves the purpose of making Texas a much better place with an entrepreneurial drive that is driven by extreme hunger to be one of the best at what he does.

What he plans on doing now is expanding his ever growing client base from more than just Sugar Land, Texas. You can check out what kind of services he offers to that community by going here: http://www.vtmobilepressurewash.com/sugarland-texas-pressure-washing/

Additionally, he also has an ever growing presence in the Humble, Texas arena, and you can find out more here: http://www.vtmobilepressurewash.com/pressure-washing-humble/

Here’s what he plans on doing as his organization gets bigger and better: Once he achieves maximum momentum he will replace his current income growers with different income growers. Let me explain, right now Andrew hustles by doing most of the legwork, but as his business expands he will no longer be able to afford to run most of his operations because then he won’t focus on what matters most: getting new clients.

So, he will soon be hiring more staff to do the work he is currently doing, and then switch his entire focus into doubling, and even tripling his client base by marketing. After which there will come a point where he can no longer do his marketing and he will hire someone full time to do his marketing, but here’s the kicker – he already has someone doing his marketing.

Oh my gosh, boy oh boy am I excited to see Andrew grow and grow in his business because he’s at that critical point where his momentum is reaching a peak that I have only seen in businesses that multiply their growth exponentially.

To make a long story short, we’re now going to cover what will happen once he’s overseeing that entire operation. That is, he will simply be the brain of the entire organization, and everyone will be the part of the body that moves at his command. At will, he will direct people where to go, and it will grow from there. You see, Andrew has received a lot of rewards and accolades for what he has done, but the thing that most people miss is that that passes on. And when that passes on what do you have? Nothing.

Andrew wants to contribute more to society, so, therefore, apart from expanding his organization he plans on helping out his local community two to three years from now. The main point I want to emphasize here is that he DOES want to be of even more service, but right now his main focus is on expanding his already growing empire. Be on the look out for Andrew Thompson in the coming months – the dude’s a beast!